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Jewel Point Recovery Services founder Leeanne NoskoHello, my name is Leeanne Nosko.  I am a mental health and substance abuse RN, who has worked within the recovery field professionally for twenty years. In addition to working within the field, I have been actively engaged in my own recovery from addiction for the same amount of time. I will soon celebrate twenty-one years of sobriety. The mission of Jewel Point Recovery Services is to help those affected by addiction, and those who do the work of addiction treatment, to transform the power of addiction into a benevolent force for good.


Blessed With Addiction?

I have an expansive take on addiction. I see it for its creative potential, instead of solely for its destructiveness. Today I can honestly say that I am grateful for my addiction, I have succeeded in reframing it. It has brought me a higher power, an internal life, connection to the universe, a sense of belonging. It has opened my eyes, my mind, my heart, and soul to learn how to have a different perception and experience of life. I have awoken to the sweetness of life, and my path to this place has included addiction. Perhaps this has been your good fortune as well…to be blessed with addiction. I can help you to frame it this way.


Self-Recovery Through Self-Discovery

One of the goals of recovery is the recovery of Self. Addiction, self-defeating and compulsive behavior all distract us from our true Self potential and highest form of being. I can provide you with recovery coaching that will help you to get to another, new improved version of you, now that you have committed to this undertaking. Or perhaps you have had long-term sobriety, but there is something lacking that leaves you asking “Is this all there is?” I can help you get to where you want to be in your recovery, and in your life.


I have been where you are, wherever you are on the path…. I have been addicted, I have been sober but miserable, and I have come out the other side feeling that the worst thing about me has now become the best thing about me. I can help you to frame your addiction as a catalyst for soul-growth, and you will see your addiction as merely a part of your journey to your highest self.


Are You Ready For the Hero Trip?

Did you know you were a hero? The journey of recovery can certainly be described as a heroic quest. We are leaving our familiar world to experience life as we never have before, unanesthetized and with blinders off. We are committing to face our demons and our angels, to feel things we have never felt before, and to do things we have never done before. We are committing to living life in a way that is completely foreign, scary and unnatural to us. Pretty adventurous stuff... but even heroes need help along their path, therefore angels in various forms will appear to aid you on your journey. I’m no angel, but I can serve as your sentinel. I have been there, I can help you to negotiate and navigate the potential pitfalls. It has been said that “it is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life”, I can help you find your way out of the abyss of addiction, and help you recover, or perhaps discover what those treasures are. We can do the work together, and you will emerge from the abyss as a stronger and more authentic version of you.

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Jewel Point Recovery Coaching's founder, Leeanne Nosko

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